Two big races, one big cause

Marathons are a great way to raise money for a cause, and Team CdLS has taken this idea to heart. This year, Team CdLS is participating in two of the world's most famous marathons: the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9, and the ING New York City Marathon on November 6. Dozens of people have joined Team CdLS for the chance to raise funds and awareness for CdLS. Runners come from all over the U.S. including Utah, Georgia, Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, Oregon, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and North Carolina. All have passion and determination. They are driven by the united cause to help those who have been touched by CdLS. Two of the people participating in the Chicago Marathon are Karen Kosberg of Fort Wayne, IN, and Marc Needlman of Lincolnshire, IL. Kosberg, who is no stranger to running marathons, works as a chaplain for hospice care. "I have close friends who had a son, Adam, with CdLS. Sadly, Adam passed away about 10 years ago, but I know their family shared much strength and love throughout his life," says Kosberg. "I hope to raise awareness about CdLS and help families with CdLS." Kosberg hopes to be a positive example for others by joining Team CdLS.
Needlman, who is the executive director of a Chicago law firm, is the virtual running coach for Team CdLS. "I really enjoy ultra-distance running and I love coaching Team CdLS. I can't wait for this race and there will be many more races to come in the future for Team CdLS," says Needlman. His five-year-old daughter, Mikayla, has CdLS, therefore this race is very important to him.
Kosberg and Needlman are joined by 18 other Team CdLS Chicago members and will be among 45,000 other runners participating in the marathon. Team CdLS Chicago's goal is to raise $70,000 for the CdLS Foundation.
Two of the team members running the ING New York City Marathon are Aimee Benson of Canton, GA, and Lise Sorenson of Salt Lake City, UT.
Benson, who is a self-employed professional photographer, has run three marathons already, but this will be her first for charity. "I hadn't thought I'd run another marathon, but it is for such a good cause and I am very excited about it," she says. Benson's friend has a son with CdLS, and she is inspired by how much love and joy is in that family.
Sorenson first became acquainted with CdLS after starting her new career in biology and research at the University of Utah's division of molecular medicine.
"My real awareness of CdLS and desire to help was when I met my friends, Lynne and Hunter, who lost their daughter, Maddy, to CdLS last year," says Sorensen.
Six runners, including Sorenson, will be traveling from Salt Lake City to NYC, joining three other Team CdLS runners.
--Ciara Duggan, CdLS Foundation Intern

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