Middle School curriculum; "Rare Diseases and Scientific Inquiry"

As school begins once again, many parents may be thinking of ways to integrate your son or daughter's CdLS into their classroom.  This would help their peers understand more about CdLS, help their teachers understand what it means for your child's learning process, and help your child become more streamlined into the education process and the school in general.

The National Institutes of Health have created a curriculum for 6th to 8th grade teachers, entitled "Rare Diseases and Scientific Inquiry."  In the two week long curriculum, "Students explore how scientists use inquiry to research rare diseases and treatments and to further understand the workings of the human body."

"The lessons explore the following topics:

  • What is a rare disease?
  • What causes rare diseases?
  • The difficulty of diagnosis
  • The importance of medical research
  • Communication about rare diseases

The curriculum is free, and a teacher's guide is coming soon."

This is a great opportunity to encourage your middle school aged child's teachers to actively engage their students to better understanding one of their peers.


Credit: The Genetic Alliance

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I have an 11 year old daughter, Jessica with CDLS and she just entered 6th grade. I am not happy with the work she is being sent home with. It is way beyond her level and feel she is being pushed through the system. Her elemenary team was amazing with her and had her on a learning roll as for as reading and mathmatical skills. Not feeling it so far this year. I could use all the help I can get in explaing this to her teachers and special needs instructors. I've been looking at other options for Jessica as far as schools, tutors...etc., but I am at a standstill:(
Please help, Susan Ward

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