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We've kicked off our 2012 Phantom Marathon program and are so excited to offer a FREE pedometer to the first 100 people who raise $262!  "Why $262," you may ask? While Team CdLS Marathon runners will put themselves through the struggle of running 26.2 miles, you can fundraise the same amount in dollars.

26.2 miles, 262 dollars.

This year, we've added a special twist as well! Now, you too can get physical and complete a marathon, but in your own time. Maybe you want to walk two miles every night for 13 nights. Maybe you like to swim and prefer doing 26.2 miles as laps in the pool over the course of a couple weeks. We've made it easy for you to create your own "marathon" for CdLS.

The first step is to create an online fundraising page with First Giving. Then you can begin your Phantom "race" to the finish in order to get that FREE pedometer!

Share the word with friends, coworkers, neighbors and family and you will complete your goals in no time! Thank you for supporting Team CdLS and the Foundation.

For more information, or to sign up for the Phantom Marathon, click here or contact Kellie at 800-753-2357 or


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