Special Needs Planning Webinar - 3/19, 3/20

In honor of Disability Awareness month, Protected Tomorrows is hosting this informative, free webinar "5 Things Every Family Needs to Know about Special Needs Planning."

To help Protected Tomorrows celebrate, they are hosting a FREE Special Needs Planning webinar for families and professionals. 

Join their webinar and learn what you need to know about: 
 · Your Vision of the Future - Think Outside the Box 
 · Government Benefits - SSI, SSDI & Medicare & Medicaid 
 · Legal Considerations - Special Needs Trusts 
 · Creating a Fulfilling Future - Live, Learn, Work & Play 
 · Future Caregivers & Family Communication 

 Visit http://www.scribd.com/doc/130198401/National-Webinar-Invitation-March-2013 to find registration information!

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