The Pentathlon Guys

"For the past 14 years, a great group of guys have been getting together for what many of us classify as one of the best days of the year. We wake up nice and early and make our way to Hingham, MA for "The Pentathlon," where 32 grown men, split into two-man teams, play wiffle ball, horseshoes, darts, ping pong, and 8-ball. We have a blast and we have plenty of hot dogs, burgers, beer, and laughs. This year was a little bit more special. 

My good friend and host of the event, Bryan, sent an email to the crew that one thing has been missing from The Pentathlon all these years, and that was a cause. He had gone out and made custom Pentathlon baseball hats, and anyone that donated money to the CdLS Foundation in honor of my wife Karen running the NYC Marathon on Team CdLS would get a hat. 

When you have a child with any type of special needs you always do so much to help them. I find it so comforting when someone does something for you, especially when it just totally catches you off guard. We had a spectacular day and it was so nice to have my brother as my teammate this year, as he knows how hard things have been at times. The guys raised more than $600 at the 14th Annual Pentathlon, putting Karen above her fundraising goal. 

 We are so lucky to have such a great group of friends and family to support our family and the CdLS Foundation." 

 Much love, 
 The Lyons Family

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