Awareness Day Around the Country

We're issuing a challenge. 

 We want to see if we can raise awareness for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome in all 50 states. 

You don't need much to raise awareness. Get out your smart phone and show your coworker our new awareness video. Email the link to friends and tell them something they may not know about your family, or your child. The best way to reach others around us is by sharing our stories. 

If you want to get a little fancier, commit to attending a town meeting, rotary club event or even an event at school and share a presentation or man an informational booth. Get your summer yard sale planned and start posting fliers for the event around town around awareness day to start drumming up business. 

 Lastly, report your activities back to the CdLS Foundation by emailing Brenda at or calling 800-753-2357. We'll keep track of the events around the country, and let you know how close we come to our goal! 

Maybe we'll even surpass it! We're so proud of all of your efforts throughout the year. Thank you.

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