They're not just T-Shirts

You may have seen our recent CdLS T-shirt campaign buzzing around Facebook. Maybe you stumbled across our banner on the homepage of our Web site. Either way, you may have found yourself purchasing a T-shirt on a Web site called, and we think that's awesome. 

The coolest part about these shirts is that they're not just T-shirts...they're a means to a much greater end. Each shirt will come across the eyes of, hundreds of people. If you're at the gym, people will see it. If you're at the library, more people will see it. Heading to the grocery store? Same idea...many people will see the letters, "CdLS" and you can teach them just one little thing about it. 

You're not just putting on a T-shirt, you're raising awareness. It's the easiest kind of gift you can give to the loved one in your life with CdLS. Awareness doesn't just mean more people will understand CdLS in your community. It also means those people may see someone else with CdLS some day and know where to direct them. Maybe they'll be inspired to donate towards life-saving research on CdLS and related disorders. 

Believe us when we say, "they're not just T-shirts." Truly, they're so much more. 

Get yours before they're gone on November 21! 


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