CdLS Awareness Day and What You Can Do

National CdLS Awareness Day is right around the corner. May 9th will, as it seems to do every year, sneak up on us all. 

This year, to help facilitate your efforts nationwide, we put all of our awareness resources in one spot on our Web site. Whether you're posting fliers around your town, leaving bookmarks at the local library, or holding a rally at your child's school, we have what you need to succeed this May 9th. 

Maybe you'd like to have a BBQ with neighbors and family to celebrate the day, or even set up a table at the local grocery story to raise awareness. Should you need materials for an event you're hosting, please email Brenda at so that we can get materials in the mail for you ASAP. 

Should you like to try and get a proclamation from your state governor, we have a sample proclamation and request letter on the Web site as well. Often, this process can be done online, and takes about 15-20 minutes. 

However you plan on spending CdLS Awareness Day, we hope you'll snap some photos and send them our way. (You can send photos to Brenda as well) 

Head on over to the Awareness Day page on our Web site, and check out all the great things you can do to participate in CdLS Awareness Day 2015:

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