Meet Dane: Team CdLS Ambassador for Chicago


Dane, proud son of Team CdLS Chicago Marathon runner Dominick Curalli, is three and a half years old.  The adventurous toddler was diagnosed with CdLS at just 3 weeks old.  Dane was born with intense reflux and poor swallowing musculature, which lead to a stay in the hospital for about 4 months until he was able to have surgery for a feeding tube and reflux.  He has hearing loss, sleep apnea and is delayed in most of his developmental milestones.  Despite these challenges, Dane has grown and is thriving.

Dane loves to move!  When he was two and a half years old, Dane learned to crawl and we have been chasing him ever since!  He is just now starting to take a few steps on his own, which is so exciting.  During the day, Dane attends a specialized preschool where he receives occupational feeding, physical, vision, hearing and speech therapies.  He loves school and has made friends with his classmates.  He loves to play in the backyard and chase his big brother. This summer Dane discovered how much fun it can be to swim.

CdLS is a genetic syndrome that can affect people in many ways.  People with CdLS can't always communicate with others in traditional ways, but they find other means - big smiles and laughs, cuddles, eye contact.  Although they have their challenges, with guidance, therapy and love, they can have much happiness in life!

Dane loves watching runners, so he will be cheering loudly as all of you run hard in Chicago.  He can't talk, but he sends everyone big smiles and hugs, and a huge thanks for all the funds you have raised for his favorite charity!

His father says, "We are honored to have Dane be the ambassador and are so thankful for the efforts of the Team CdLS runners in their training and fundraising for the CdLS Foundation.  We have had such a wonderful experience with the Foundation and all the support and guidance they have provided for our family and others."

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