One Cousin's Mission to Raise Awareness Sparks Creativity

In the suburbs of Philadelphia, 9-year-old Kevin Doebley took a local contest and turned it into an awareness campaign in honor of his cousin.

The fourth grader participates in a skateboarding program. Mentor Sean Khathavong is very interested in not only teaching the kids to skate, but to be good citizens as well. This fall, he had the children in his training group voluntarily participate in a skateboarding design contest. Each board was raffled off in store for $5 a ticket with all the proceeds going to a charity of the winner's choice.

Kevin immediately thought of his 5-year-old cousin, J.J. Stone, who has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS). Kevin loves spending time with J.J. playing with Legos and on swing sets. He has also seen how the CdLS Foundation helps his family. It was an easy decision and from there, an idea turned into a masterpiece.

"My sister has PKU, but has medicine to help her. I have ADHD, but I have medicine to help me. J.J. doesn't have any medicine to help him, so maybe this money could help find [something] for him," said Kevin.

He drew most of his board design freehand, adding a couple stickers from the CdLS Foundation and a photo of J.J. as finishing touches. Kevin raised $175 for the CdLS Foundation and placed thirteenth. By no stroke of luck, Kevin's grandmother won the board and they plan on "putting some hooks on the board so J.J. can put it on his wall and hang things," according to Kevin's mom, Melissa.

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