Hosting a family gathering

In 2017, the CdLS Foundation will sponsor eight family gatherings in the United States, at least one in each region. Family gatherings provide families with the opportunity to meet others experiencing similar challenges, develop local supports and relationships and gather information about CdLS, ultimately ensuring that no family ever feels alone.

While the Foundation budgets for eight Foundation-sponsored family gatherings, there is always the opportunity to host one of your own. CdLS Foundation staff provides interested families who wish to host a non-Foundation sponsored event with materials, advice and assistance.

Currently there are two non-Foundation sponsored family gatherings planned for 2017; Wichita, Kansas on April 29, hosted by Erin Schott, and Johns Creek, Georgia on April 30, hosted by Fran Rissland.

Are you interested in getting more involved with the CdLS community and meeting other families? Consider hosting a non-Foundation sponsored family gathering and connect with your regional neighbors!

Contact Deirdre for more information at or 860-676-8166.

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